Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Visit From Bullwinkle J. Moose Baker

Since I'm temporarily dogless, I've taken to leaving the gate between the backyard and the big, bad world wide open. This is what that bad habit brought me today, a moose visitor, seen here in a shot through the sliding glass doors.
Opening the doors spooked it, tho' it stopped long enough to take a long, hard look at me before deciding I was apparantly just a nuisance, not dangerous.
(BTW, I'm not as close as it might look, courtesy of my trusty zoom lens)

Dangerous or not, it decided to move to safer turf, but perhaps not before telling me what it thought of me if this photo is any proof. (Bonnie, recognize that dangling heart top right? That's the wind chime you sent me hanging from the post on the deck.)

"I'm outta here, Nuisance!"

Fortunately, it didn't go too far, stopping to take a rest just inside the pasture gate. The metal frame you see bottom right is the gate from the front to the pasture. I was standing in the back yard, looking through the space where normally the gate there would be closed.

I think it had decided here that if I wasn't going away, it'd at least show me it's most photogenic side.

I must have wandered in and out for over an hour, so eventually it wasn't paying much attention to me, having added "Harmless nuisance" to its opinion of me.

It was even getting a bit sleepy eyed.

Okay, Mr. Bullwinkle J. Moose Baker (Facebook joke), I'll go away and leave you in peace. Last time I looked, tho', he was still there.

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