Friday, September 11, 2009

Those falling my own yard

Still a little of bit of green hanging in there!
Anyone want some leaves?

Looking toward the NE section of the backyard. The reds are the dying fireweed.
Dying fireweed in the lot next door as seen through my chain link fence.

Fern on the north side of the house.

I need to get a better picture, but this shows the barbs on the Devil's Club. I'm not sure if the yellow leaves are from the Round-Up I sprayed on it last mowing session or if it's normally colored that this time of year. Yeah, I know, I must start paying more attention. (I've now been told the yellow is the norm this time of year.)

The gate fence

Looking north toward the Talkeetnas.

This fireweed seems determined to hang onto not only all it fluff but all the dirt that's been blowing in the winds, too.

Standing in the front yard by the gate beside the garage and looking into the backyard.

Someone remind me to retake this shot in a couple weeks. I'm standing between the two spruce trees in the front yard and looking directly up toward the sky. In a few weeks, I'll have a much better view of the sky, trust me.

Had to chuckle cos the reason this tree doesn't show more yellow is cos most of the yellow, sigh, is part of that pile of leaves you saw a few photos ago in the yard. Sigh.

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Lisa said...

Great pictures! The yellow is the normal color for the Devils Club. I was at Nancy Lakes SRA today and there is tons of Devils Club up there and its all a beautiful yellow color,as are the ones in my yard. Sure looks nice next to a lot of the red leaves that are starting to appear!