Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Termination Dust and Ice Cream With Bordens

Swiped Brenda's iPhone pix of Bill and me at the Mat-Su Family Restaurant. I'd already had lunch earlier, so met them for ice cream for dessert. Bill was giving me a tour of all the iPhone can do for you. Brenda took this shot and uploaded it to Facebook as we sat there, the option that really fascinates me. Pretty cool and not as expensive as I'd thought they were to sign-up for.

The sorta lower, brighter white expanses are clouds, but there's lots of snow up there, too.

Couldn't even see the Talkeetnas earlier today, but they finally peeked out briefly and have snow, the first snow I've spotted on this streatch that is visible from the end of my driveway.


Lisa said...

How cool, I met your friend Bill today when he came in to where I work, looking to buy stain for a project hes working on! I was so excited to see the Termination Dust when I came into Wasilla today. I took some pictures and put them on my photo site, http://johansenfamilyadventuresinthelas.shutterfly.com/.

Great photos,and as always, thanks for sharing. I really enjoy your blog!

June said...

Oh, that's a hoot, Lisa. Where you the one in the photo waiting on Bill when his wife Brenda snapped a photo? Enjoyed seeing your shots of the Termination Dust, too. My timing wasn't quite what it should have been, but at least I got some snow photos on the Solstice! Ha

Lisa said...

Um, I dont know, LOL. If its a girl with short, curly brown hair and an orange apron that would be me :) I hadnt even realized it was the Solstice until my kids pointed it out. I was too excited about the termination dust :)