Sunday, September 06, 2009

One last, quick visit to the Fair

Pat Schue and I made one last trip to the Fair to meet Rosemary and Sarah while they were out from Anchorage. We had a great time, even if it was dang hot, especially as the day got more and more crowded.
Sorry, Texas friends, we ARE bigger than you are.

Deby Trosper outside the Iditarod booth. I talked her into posing with the raffle ticket upside down but, fooled you, Deb, used the right-side up one.

Stan Hooley was there, tho' he was busy talking, so we didn't stop to chat. I know that breaks your heart, Stan. Ha

Hey, look who was there! Idita-Champ Dean Osmar was there eating ice cream and chatting with Joanne Potts. Dean even trusted me long enough to hold his ice cream while he signed some autograph cards he had with him. Honest, Dean, I didn't eat a drop....tho' it made me have to hurry down the trail for an ice cream cone soon after.

This little guy wasn't even in the ITC booth, but a few down the yellow trail with a pet stuff booth.

Seeing some of the Salmon on Parade was a priority, tho' it was so dang crowded that pictures were tough. Got a few shots, tho'.

It wasn't a Salmon, but it was a hoot. Why are they making fun of my fashion sense? I mean, don't all us gals own a dress that looks like this?

This guy just sorta came outta the wall at you.

A really cool piece of artwork in wire, knitting yard, and not sure what else.

We had a gorgeous sky and it was warm, very warm.

Where can I find one of these with a "601" on it?

Took this from somewhere near the red parking gate.

I bet you can now figure out why we were down near the red parking gate. This Historic Iditarod Trail was just inside that gate.

Doesn't Alaska provide nice backgrounds for my photos? Just as impressive, the flowers smelled absolutely heavenly.

For those who know about such things, the sled bag is a Man-Mat.
I'm told that this sled, which must have everything packed but the kitchen sink, isn't that far off from the packed sleds of early Iditarods.

And right beside of the "100 Years of the Historic Iditarod Trail," we had some belly dancers.

Hobo Jim signing some autographs before his show.

Some more heavenly smelling flowers.

A section of the track for the model train setting.

Took a few shots of the mountains on the way out.

It was Alaska Mining Day, or something like that. Everywhere you looked, not just spruce trees but people were wearing these plastic hats. Yes, I was unable to escape getting one cos they gave me/us one when they saw me taking the photo. I was generous and gave it to Pat.

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