Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just Another Wednesday in Alaska

Some days, when I head out, I ask myself if I'm one of the luckiest people in the world to live in a place of such beauty. This shot is looking down my hill toward Wasilla, sorta hidden by the foliage this time of year, and mountains.

While I never grow tired of the daily sights in my everyday life here in Wasilla, it struck me the other day of how "unsurprised", if that's a word, I often am to encounter such things as this birdie visitor hopping around the yard this morning in search of a tasty breakfast beneath the leaves, however.

Nor am I really surprised when a helicopted goes roaring overhead....and this one was definitely in a hurry. I'd have never gotten this shot had I not been walking out to the car to head out with the garage door already open and camera in hand cos it was going that fast.

This one didn't require any speed, however. It's an everyday sight, okay, only in the fall, just across the street from the mailbox. Won't be long till these branches are bare.

Yet, while the branches are shedding leaves like there is no tomorrow, at the library, some lovely, delicate blooms still hang on and, oh, this one was smelling heavenly.

Such beauty....

Down the road a bit at Wasilla Lake, despite the intrusion of modern life's streetlights, you'll notice something white atop the mountain (shown with high contrast). Uh, oh, could it be? Is it? Could it really be Termination Dust? Nah, gotta be some malfunction of my camera, right? Hmm, dang, maybe not.

Across Wasilla Lake, fall still reigns in this direction.

No snow here, just the light and shadow bouncing off the mountains.

The ducks are still here, too, this one watching me watching it.

It struck me looking at this photo how well the duck blended into the shoreline. Ducky camo?

I definitely don't react with surprise anymore when a plane flies over, even one wearing floats for a water landing.

Same plane (top left) doing a gentle curve to land. I'd hoped it'd land where I could capture it, but it landed around the corner outta sight.

Kayak fun.

Just another lovely, "everyday" view from Wasilla Lake. In case I haven't mentioned it lately, "I LOVE THIS PLACE!"

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