Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday at Wasilla Lake

It certainly wasn't intentional, but I seem to be mirroring the train's schedule lately. Caught this quick shot on the way down to Wasilla Lake this afternoon.

A random stranger having fun with a dog. Note the hoodie, a giveaway that it may be spring but it's still on the cool side here.

Chasing a frisbee into what had to be still seriously cold water.

Jacked up the contrast a hair to show the shadows better. Must have been glacier dust in the air or something cos I was (and am) sneezing away after being out there for a very short time and the scenic shots have that sorta fuzzy look of being seen through a haze that the invisible to the eye dust gives them.

There are still patches of snow/ice along the shore, this one making the wave action go ka-splash as it rolled over the ice.

Must have been shy, cos this one was trying to get behind the bushes before I could snap it. Phew, just made it!

I seem to be on a roll. Last week I found a stray tire. This week it's a stray rowboat. So, anyone lose a rowboat?

Varoom, varoom, zip, zip, and all that fun stuff.

Loved this one, even if I had to walk almost all the way down the lake toward Freds before I found some cooperative ducks.

Not exactly one of Wasilla's scenic wonders, but since I"ve talked so often of Home Depot and how great it is for photos, thought I'd toss this one in. It clearly shows that despite the great shots of the lake I've gotten from up on the hill to the left of the Home Depot sign, the view from the lake isn't quite as lovely.

Clouds rolling in, time to head for home.... and more Kleenex. Seriously, talk about something setting off a sneeze attack. (Update: As it turned out, the sun hung around, but my sneezing did, too, so probably just as well that I went home.)

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