Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunny days

I'm not much of a hot tub person, but since it's been close to 90 degrees today on the deck, maybe if they tossed in some ice cubes?

Getting ready for the 4th?

Looks peaceful, but look out for those missing boards!

There are just scads of little personal planes like this in Big Lake.

I had a great story going in my mind that this rig was not only being driven by a female truck driver but that it was a woman owned company. Turns out, it belongs to Tews, something of a name in transportation and vehicle repair up here. Pink is their color, even on the Valley Mover buses they've just put in service. Of course, I drove right by one of those today and never thought of taking a photo. Sigh.

Wasilla Lake on what was probably one of its last uncrowded days for awhile, the last day of school. It was mobbed today.

Love the ducks....

It's not too bad a view above the ducks, either.

Woot! My no effort flowers are blooming. (Said to irritate friends who insist dandelions are weeds.:p)

And, sigh, I seem to have a real knack with Devil's Club, too. Double sigh.

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