Sunday, May 02, 2010

Weekend Random-ness

No offense, Mother Nature, but the snow joke is getting old. Enough with this, okay?

On the other hand, we sure had some interesting skies yesterday, ie Saturday.

See the tiny chunk of blue about roof level. Weird, huh?

Saturday's sunset, tho' didn't notice what the time was.

Yawn, okay, Sunday, I'm up, I'm up....hey, wait a freaking minute. It's only 7:00 a.m.? I'm going back to bed.

When I dragged myself outta bed again, Robin was back to entertain me.

"Is this my best side?"

Later, while just cruising around, ran into one of Donald's relatives.

They were enjoying a leisurely Sunday float.

Hmm, is anything in focus? This is what happens when you're going one way at some speed and the train is going the other. You give your auto-focus a headache.

One the other hand, can't gripe about the view outta the window of the Noisy Goose at lunch.

Just to make sure I was paying attention, tho', Mother Nature went and lopped off the tops of some of the mountains. This is taken on the Glenn, heading into Palmer.

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