Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pat's "snow mountain" and views

 The view off Pat's deck the other day. Looking across the flats toward Glenn Hwy. and the Eklutna/Eagle River area.

 Blowing snow, pretty much a ground blizzard, me thinks, had you needed to be out there trying to move around in it.

 Older shot to remind you what the view across normally looks like.

 On the other hand, I really cannot whine too loudly about my driveway. Pat has a mountain of snow over there alongside hers, much of which was a, uh, word that rhymes with witch to move cos it'd drifted overnight and "set."

 Got snow, Pat?  Fortunately, like me, she also has good neighbors, neighbors with plows and such who are willing to help out as needed. It's the Alaskan way.

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