Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow Moose!!!

 I plopped down today around 2:40 to take a nap, laughingly telling the dogs that they were in charge of a 3:30 wake up call for me. Well, much to my astonishment, they started barking like they meant it at 3:25.  Kinda mumbling that they were early, I got up anyway cos their bark wasn't the usual "We're bored. Come entertain us" bark. I'm very glad I did as my eyes eventually found this visitor in the back.

 "You taking MY picture?"

 It was a bit jumpy, so didn't try to go out on the deck for any closer pix, but snapped away from all the back windows of the house for a bit as its hunger won out over its nervousness.

 Oh, those ears....

 The dogs had settled into just being entertained following me from one window to the other but, I swear, it was almost like Moosie knew we were watching.

 "Are you one of those Mooseratzzi I hear about?"

 Just an FYI, that chain link fence you see is 5' high.

 Peek-a-boo Moose

 Moose nose.... seriously, I got one of moose butt, too, but spared you. Ha

 Again, hunger wins over being watchful.

 It was at this point that the dogs got bored following me around and started barking from the back, sliding glass door again and Moosie heard them.

 Trying to figure out where the barking it's hearing is coming from.

 Love that snow nose.

 At this point, nerves won out over hunger and tho' I didn't know it at the time, it's on its way outta there.

The scary part for me was to discover that it exited THROUGH the back yard, not over the back pasture fence like most usually do, cos I caught this shot of it crossing the front yard and heading for the gate. I'm going to have to be extra careful about letting the dogs out if they seem to think they see or sense something out there since, sigh, this moose may be back and be using the backyard as a passageway to the more delicious back pasture.  

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