Monday, January 30, 2012

A quick, cold Sunday jaunt

 Actually, all things considered, like how cold it's been recently, it wasn't that cold. Maybe zero. Who'd have ever thought the day would come when I'd be considering zero "not that cold"? In any case, the view out the garage window as I was getting in the car. That crack in the window has been there since I bought the place but there is insulating plastic over the window itself.

 Hello, Pioneer Peak.

 From Idita-Park

 After a quick stop for the above photos, headed toward the bank. Honest, it's there somewhere behind this massive snow pile. There are normally parking spaces here but they've long since been covered by the white stuff.

  Couldn't resist one more stop at Idita-park and the raven rewarded me by flying by just as I was composing this shot.

 Next stop, dropping off some books due soon at the library. Across the parking lot, this is the scene on the side of the Page Museum.

 Old Wasilla Townsite

 Snow seems to be accumulating on the steps of the Old Post Office. Bet you can guess that they're not open to visitors during the winter, huh, tho' looks like the ramp to the right of the building may be the main entrance.

 Wasilla Lake

 Oh, goodie, more monster snow piles. This one is the the right as you enter the drive-thru for McDonalds. With me in the car and it backed by the Talkeetnas, almost looks like a mountain itself, huh?

Wow, a two-tailed raven?  Nah, just two of 'em, tho' didn't have the zoom lens when I needed it, so never got a good shot of them.

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