Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside -- Sunset

 As usual, I spent way too much time having to convince myself to get up and go put my boots and parka back on and missed the beginning of a really nice sunset, but still caught some good shots anyway.

 Just shooting between branches to see what I'd get. Kinda liked this one cos of the lines and curves the trees created against the pink/gold sky.

 This one was looking almost directly south from my driveway.

 Meandered out to the end of the driveway to take a look at the Talkeetnas and was glad I had. Very lovely in its pink/gold tones.

 Probably taken from about the same spot the previous picture was shot, but looking the other way, this time over a neighbor's house at the glow on the trees.

 And straight down Holiday to the south, a pretty cool sky, too.

 There was a bit of a pink glow backing the house, so made for a cool shot.

 Standing in the driveway looking across the fence into the back yard.

 Even the front spruce tree was decked out in some pink and gold.

 From the back deck, pink and gold everywhere.

I really liked this one. Looked sorta like a photo you'd see illustrating a fantasy story inviting you to crawl through an opening to explore a fairy tale world.  

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Jane Eagle said...

June, I enjoy all your photos, even when I don't comment...but these are outstanding! When I lived in the mountains, I always loved the alpenglow just before sunset, but never saw it on trees: and these are truly spectacular! Here, I often catch the line of eucalyptus on the hill behind my house glowing a reddish-gold just before sunset, which is gorgeous :-). Thanks so much for sharing all these photos!