Tuesday, January 10, 2012


 Here's how the dogs are handling what some folks in the media, local, national and even international, are calling Alaska's Snowpocalypse.  Ginger seems to really favor this position while.....

 ...when Zach has possession of the couch, he tends to just flop.

 The snow atop the cache is uneven cos the winds are doing their magic but look how high it is under the cache on the water pipe.

 In a burst of insanity, I decided to go down the hill while the going was good, stop at the bank and then Chevron to fill up a gas can. This is the view at the intersection of Holiday and Briar.

 But, hmm, looking down the hill, do you notice anything missing? You would barely know there was a mountain around by today's view.

 Great.  ATM not working, but some mostly blowing snow photos.  You can't see the snow blowing here for the snow falling, however. I'm between the Wells Fargo Bank, where I was afraid I was going to get stuck in the drive-thru lane, and Picalino's in that strip of shops there.

 Coming around behind the bank, looking in the general direction of home, which would be toward the top right of the hill.

 Brenda, either Waneta's been real busy or the wind is doing a good job removing the snow from the truck. 

 Oh, a mountain peeked out!!!

 Back home, needed to move a few small branches that were down in the driveway. Took this of the snow lining the driveway, contrasting it up so you can see the layers. The bottom layer is about 10" and the top one about the same, with maybe 4" in-between, and this is snow that has sorta compacted. Can't even blame the depth on the plowing cos it's pretty much this deep or worse all over the yard.

 This is my view to the right as I pull out of the gate.  No, I can't see past the snow when I'm in the car, so a bit hairy, especially since the road itself is down to about 1.5 lanes wide.

 The spruce tree is somehow managing to hang onto the snow on its bottom branches while the winds have stripped the upper ones of snow.

The pile of snow accumulating from the driveway plowing is now officially higher than my head at most points. At the tallest peak, it's probably over 7' tall. 

 The smaller pile to the left of the mountain of snow from the driveway, looking over it and the fence into the backyard.

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