Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Snow dogs

 I'm glad Zach know where the steps are cos I'm increasing having trouble finding them with all the snow we've had.

 Ginger has figured out that I always wander around to double check that the gate is securely shut.

 She also seems to have taken up snow excavation, most likely in pursuit of the vols that tunnel under the snow.

 As a result, it makes Ginny the perfect snow face to model the "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow" poster.

 About 2 seconds before this shot, Zach had his butt in the air and his head and front paws down in the snow, sorta snorkeling, I guess.  I'd had my back to him taking some shots of Gin and turned around just in time to go, "What the....?" and miss the shot. Sigh

 Gee, Zach, think you could look any more snow dog'ish?

 Fortunately for Zach and my carpet, he demos how quickly a couple good shakes can eliminate most of the snow.

 In the meantime, Ginger has had her fill of the cold and is heading inside. Thinking she had a point, Zach and I followed closely behind her.

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Jane Eagle said...

So nice to see Zach and Ginger having fun at your home! You are a good friend, June, to take such loving care of Rosemary's dogs :-) And I saw a post from her on FB, so I guess she gets to see and treasure these photos, too!